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John Key - Policy on Senior Citizens John Key's Commitment to Seniors

As an absolute bottom line, we pledge that superannuation payments will be higher with National through our commitment to retain the floor for super at 66% of the average after-tax wage, and the effect of our tax cuts on the after-tax average wage, which is used to calculate superannuation rates.


National will also maintain the age of eligibility at 65 years. We will keep this pledge, and I will resign as a member of our Parliament rather than break it.


New Zealand is a great country to live in.  But we face many challenges.  Too many Kiwis are struggling to make ends meet – to pay the bills or service the mortgage.  Crime is intensifying.  Many of our young people are leaving school grossly ill-equipped for the demands of the modern workforce. 


The recent tougher economic conditions have increased these challenges. Only a strong economy can deliver financial security for all New Zealanders.


National has developed a comprehensive five-point Economic Management Plan to help get our economy moving again. As careful economic managers, we have been deliberately cautious in our approach.  Now is not the time for unaffordable spending promises, but a time for a practical programme that will help drive economic growth.


An important part of our Economic Management Plan is improving productivity across the public sector by ensuring a strong focus on the provision of frontline services in areas such as health and education.


If you would like to read more about our policies for a brighter future, please call us on 0800 255 266 and keep track of important policy developments on

Please don't forget that Maggie Barry is our Minister for Senior Citizens in the National-led government. She'll be delighted to hear from you.


Yours sincerely


Hon John Key MP

Prime Minister